The Captain

On our Costa Mar Fishing Charter . . .
Planning is extremely popular because a fishing charter guide will take you to the hot fishing spots where you can catch lots of fish around Costa Rica. There are plenty of reasons people choose a fishing charter vessel and want Captain Chepe to be their fishing charter guide.

The most important detail is your fishing charter guide —The Captain of your fishing boat. Anyone can rent a boat at a marina, then rent, borrow and buy a pile of fishing gear, bait a hook, throw a fishing line in the water, and hope for the best. Even though the fish around Quepos, Costa Rica are plentiful, fishing amateurs are often disappointed by the end of the day…

The knowledge and experience that a good fishing charter captain brings to your day on the water makes all the difference in the world. He knows which fish follow the landmarks on the ocean floor, which fish follow small temperature changes, which ones follow the tides, and which ones just follow the other fish. It takes many years of trial-and-error, study, reading, and swapping fishing stories with other local fishermen and fishing charter guides to know where to go, which fish will be biting today, what size and kind of bait they like to strike, what equipment to use, etc.

Our Captain loves to fish, and he lives to fish. When you arrive in sunny Costa Rica, it’s a great chance to be out to sea on a beautiful day, hire a fishing charter guide, and go deep sea fishing.
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While there are complicated nautical charts that show the depth of the water (which changes constantly with the tides) there’s no such thing as a “road map” that tells you where to actually find fish or the best way to catch them. There are a few general guidelines, but fish can roam the ocean at will. While they constantly search for shelter and food, their only rules are whatever they know that keeps them alive. If they aren’t on constant alert, they’ll quickly become, well, fish food. Your job is to fool them into thinking that bit of bait on your hook is worthy of gobbling up. A good fishing charter captain will tell you the tricks of the trade that let you join in the fun of catching the big fish and then making sure to land them on your boat, which is always much more fun than telling stories about the “one that got away.” Lacking your guide’s sage advice, you’re just betting on sheer luck and hoping you don’t do anything wrong or get into trouble on the water.

Our captain on the Costa Mar fishing boat . . . Brings many important things to you; some of them you don’t even think about.
As a good fishing charter guide, he’ll know where the fish will be biting today. Not the same place as yesterday, because like all wild creatures, fish move around. The weather today may not be the same as yesterday, and they’ll respond to those changes. He’ll know what kinds of bait or lures you can use to fool fish into thinking they’re about to get a quick snack, and the best way (and size) to present bait to each kind of fish. He’ll know how to choose a fishing line that’s not too thin (or it will break) or too thick (which alerts the fish that something’s fishy) and just the right color to blend in with the water in Costa Rica or the inland areas nearby. All the rest of the fishing gear he chooses for you goes without saying, but there’s plenty of it. And it’s all supplied for you, and you’re shown how to use it properly.

Our captain and his crew will handle all the mundane tasks that go with fishing. Preparing your fishing line, baiting hooks, pulling fish off the hook, storing the fish you catch, handling them, reviving catch-and-release fish, and even taking over for you if you get too tired while pulling in one of those big fighting fish. Your fishing charter captain and crew are there to keep you happy and carefree all day long. They’ll even clean and fillet your catch at the end of your tour.
He navigates his fishing boat around underwater obstacles, and will teach everyone aboard how to obey all maritime laws. Even more important — but not as obvious — he knows what to do during a wide variety of shipboard emergencies or medical emergencies, and won’t panic if something goes amiss on your boat or on board another boat nearby. A good captain runs a clean, well-ordered, well-maintained ship, since that’s the safest way to be on the water. He keeps all of his equipment in good shape, and he knows how to use it. He gives clear, concise orders with a commanding voice. He instills confidence. And he makes sure everyone on his boat is having fun and enjoying themselves.

Our captain (Chepe) is a professional who is always three steps ahead of the weather. His diligence, knowledge, experience and discipline lets you simply enjoy the day and reel in fish without a care in the world. Good shipboard practice demands that you follow his orders, since as the captain; he is completely responsible for you and your safety while you’re on board his vessel.

The areas around Costa Rica are teeming with lots of big, strong, healthy ocean fish in all shapes and sizes. Some are delicious to eat and some are famous for putting up a good fight. Some are just fun to catch one right after another, nearly as soon as you throw your line back in the water. Some must be thrown back because their population is too small. Being aboard a charter boat lets you just have fun and let the captain and his crew do all the work.

Any fishermen can get in trouble without a good fishing charter captain. There are many fish that cannot legally be pulled on board a boat — those species are protected. Many of them look very much like fish that are fine to take. Having a seasoned fishing charter captain means you won’t get into legal trouble because you can’t tell the difference. He knows the fish, and he knows the laws. Of course, you can choose to do most of the work of reeling in all those beautiful fish you catch on your hook. If you get near the end of a long day, and this last fish has you worn out, you always know that a charter captain or crew member will be right there to help you out, give you advice, just take over your rod and reel, or do whatever else is needed to keep you ‘happy as a clam.’ And, of course, you’ll have all the help you need to take over and pull that deep-sea creature over the transom and on board your vessel. You’ll also be very thankful when the captain and his crew take over the task of cleaning all those fish and packing the fillets in ice for your short trip to the kitchen or your favorite restaurant with your catch-of-the-day.
Many local restaurants are delighted to cook and prepare your fresh catch for you, and you might choose to share it with friends, family, or even thankful, happy strangers. There’s often plenty to go around, so you won’t be afraid to share your bounty with nearly everyone you meet.
This might be your first or second fishing charter trip, but it’s the charter fishing captain’s life. He’s done this many thousands of times over many years, and most would never choose to do anything else.

If you ask Capt. Chepe , or a member of his fishing charter crew what he does on his day off, he’ll flash a big smile and tell you, “I go fishing, of course!”